Interested in Joining

If you are interested in trying Water Polo with our team but you have never played before, that is ok! Most children have no experience when they first join the water polo team. All skill levels are welcome.

The first two weeks (14 calendar days) of practices are FREE to see if you like it. You must register for a free USA Water Polo trial period membership prior to attending, which will coincide with your 14 day practice trial. You can fill out the form for the membership online here. Please bring proof of membership to your first practice.

If you would like to just watch at first, you may stop by anytime without registering with USA WP. If you do not have the USA WP trial membership, you may not participate.

Things to remember if you want to participate in our free trial:

  • Go to our calendar┬ápage to verify that practice is being held. Look for days that are marked “All Groups” or “Novice Only” – the Novice group meets on Monday, Wednesdays and Thursdays of each week from 6:30-7:30pm.
  • Sign up and bring documentation of the free USA WP Trial Membership
  • Go to Macdonough Hall at the Naval Academy on any of these days with a swimsuit, towel, and googles. You may park along King George Street in Annapolis. You will need a valid driver’s license to enter the main visitor’s entrance (Gate 1). See map for location of pool. Our facilities page will also be useful.
  • Check out our FAQ page to learn about common questions!
  • Email any additional questions to