Hungarian WP Clinic

We held a very successful weekend Hungarian School Clinic this February!  Our special guest coach was Hungarian born Ferenc Vindisch and we all had a wonderful time!

FullSizeRender_1Feedback from the clinic:
“Just wanted to thank you for organizing the Hungarian Water Polo Camp. (He) said he really liked it and he learned a lot. Thank you for providing the players this opportunity.”

“Just wanted to pass on feedback from my kids that they had a great time at the Hungarian School of Water Polo. From everything my kids were describing about the drills and instruction it was a huge success! Thanks for setting this up and making it happen!”FullSizeRender_3

IMG_1441From Coach Vindisch on this clinic:
FullSizeRender-The Complex Training Method (CTM) theory is based on the concept that components of a practice differed too much from the action, rhythm, intensity and complexity from the actual movements of the game. -The new method, however, contains an element of fun providing at the same time, an effective and more varied workout in the course of preparation and training.
-The key element of this training method is the game itself. There is a close correlation between any portion of the game, any chain of action in the course of a game and the corresponding exercises that can be developed from it.


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