• New athletes 8 years old (with swim experience) up to 18 years old are invited to try 2-weeks of free practice sessions.


  • We take new players at any time during the season!


  • Contact the email below to set up a specific date and time to meet the coaches and start your 2-week free trial period.


Current Athlete Registration Renewal

August 2022 - July 2023 Season






  • New Season begins 22 AUG 2022
  • Registration will be completed through TEAM SNAP
  • Questions? Contact Judi Finkler at the email address below.


Returning Players:

  • Registration is open for returning players 01 - 22 AUG 2022.
  • $250 Non-Refundable Deposit - Credit Cards only
  • Registration must be complete prior to first day of practice on 22 AUG 2022.
  • Each player will receive 2 NAVY AC Club T-shirts as part of their registration package!
  • Remember to include T-shirt size on registration form
  • Three payment plans available through Team Snap


Annual Membership Fees:

  • High School Practice Group:             $2,400
  • 14U Practice Group:                             $2,000
  • Development (12U/10U) Group:         $1,700


Session Membership Fees: (Development Group Only)

  • Development Group (Aug - Nov)        $610
  • Development Group (Dec - Mar)         $610
  • Development Group (Apr - Jul)          $610


Part-Time Membership Fees: 

  • 2 practices/wk:                                     $1400
  • To qualify for Part-Time Membership you need to be a NAAC swimmer or a High School Water Polo player living > 30 miles away.


Family Discounts:

  • $200 discount for each water polo player after the first player.
  • $100 discount for families with one swimmer and one water polo player
  • No discount for Part-Time Membership or 4-month Development Session fees.


Tournament Fees for the 2022-2023 Season:

  • Local/DC Metro Area Tournaments: $15/game - max $30/day
  • Away Regional Tournaments: $25/game - max $50/day
  • Travel Tournaments: TBD based on location and host club tournament fees.